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8,49 EUR*
Details Women Love Women

Warner Vision Women love Women, USK/FSK: 12+ V?--Datum: 31.05.01

18,48 EUR*
Details Medicine Women, Curanderas, and Women Doctors

Medicine Women, Curanderas and Women Doctors The stories of ten women healers form the core of this provocative journey into cultural healing methods utilized by women. In a truly grass-roots project, the authors take the reader along to listen to the ...

15,49 EUR*
Details Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: Restoring Women to History

Women in Sub-Saharan Africa Highlights the changing societal position of women through shifts over time. Full description

8,66 EUR*
Details Women of the Covenant: Spiritual Wisdom from Women of the Bible (New Hope Bible Studies for Women)

God's inspired Word includes stories of real people--with both failures and victories-- that point to the redeeming work of God, experienced today through Jesus Christ. Women of the Covenant is a spiritual journey for women who carry on the legacy of ...

11,99 EUR*
Details Women Explorers (Women Who Dare)

Women Explorers From the South Pole to the Sahara, women, as avidly as their male counterparts, have sought adventure around the globe. Not always accepted, more often than not these female explorers have had to struggle against restrictive societal ...